Around the Web for March 21st through March 24th

These are my Around the Web links for March 21st through March 24th:

  • Microsoft Office on the iPad, Really? - Personally I am not a fan of Microsoft Office, and for several years did not use it on my own computers. I use it in a limited way now due to professional/academic requirements, and those of some consulting customers I work with. In particular some templates and macros just require it. I prefer Markdown for writing and Keynote for presenting. But I probably will load up Office on the iPad. Especially if it supports templates.
  • Two computer screens aren't better than one - Personally I never really found that having 2 (or more) screens was good for productivity. If anything it causes distraction and confusion. I'm more a fan of a single screen with apps in full-screen mode. I can easily swipe to other apps if needed, and have various automations setup to allow quick access to apps I regularly need—such as Calendar (Fantastical), Contacts, etc.
  • Home | the groundsthe grounds - Had a great lunch at The Grounds at Alexandria. This venue is not just a restaurant or coffee shop. Its a true experience—a must do for Sydney-siders and those visiting!
  • Command-C Updated with Clipboard History, Mac to Mac Sharing, Connection Improvements -
  • Acer | Application - AcerCloud looks like a cloud service with the architecture of BitTorrent Sync combined with some of the features of DropBox, Google Drive, etc
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