Around the Web for July 4th through August 20th

These are my Around the Web links for July 4th through August 20th:

  • Let.ter - Just picked up the Let.ter app after a this reminder from @MacSparky — I had previously read about it, but was pleased to see it released. Let.ter is a minimalist email sending (only) app for OSX that is built on Markdown. Loving it
  • Keanu Reeves John Rain Television Series - I enjoy Barry Eisler's series of thrillers based on the character John Rain, and look forward to a potential TV series with Keanue Reeves in the lead role
  • Little Snitch to Keep LTE Costs Down - A worthwhile reason for looking into the use of Little Snitch
  • A Candid Look at Unread’s First Year - The upfront pricing model is a scary proposition for devs, especially if a 'successful' app like Unread only generates a moderate income in its first year. Where is the incentive to keep developing. This is a concern not just for devs but also for users who won't get updated apps if the money isn't there for the devs.
  • App Rot - A compelling take on the viability of the App Store model to sustain development, especially given the up front pricing model. Worth a read.
  • Trey Ratcliff & his GoPro Quadcopter - DigiDIRECT TV Ep 078 - Blunty of DigiDirect TV presents a video of Trey Ratcliff showing off his Phantom Quadrocopter at the recent Game of Thrones photo walk I attended in Sydney. Good fun.
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