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A feature wish—Lists for

A lot of people are in the process of leaving Twitter behind forever. I’ve certainly switched off most of my Twitter usage, and have even abandoned cross-posting by default from

What I still do use Twitter for, daily, is following people around a couple of key topics—photography, diving and work related stuff. I do this chiefly using Twitter’s Lists function.

Lists1 is one of Twitter’s better features. Lists allows me to follow multiple accounts grouped around a topic, without having to have those accounts clutter my core timeline. I can review individual Lists as my time, interest and context allow.

With the influx of new users I suspect that Amit Gawande’s concerns may be real:

I fear though if the place becomes bigger before there are tools in place to handle the scale, we may inundate it with too many voices and interactions.

With this in mind perhaps @manton could consider adding Lists like functionality to the roadmap for This might provide a simple tool for individual micro.bloggers to curate their personal consumption of activity.

I am not suggesting that Twitter-style Lists would solve the problem entirely—if it did the atrocious signal-to-noise experience on Twitter wouldn’t be a thing. What I am wondering is if there is an opportunity to leverage one of Twitter’s better features into our world.

  1. As “Lists” is the proper name for the Twitter feature I refer to it in the singular. Its confusing for me, but it would be incorrect to use it in the plural. [return]
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