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Blogging Setup 2018

Like a lot of people here, the new year brings an opportunity to reevaluate my blogging and social setup.

I’ve decided to make my account my main personal blog for thoughts, links, etc.

My BalancedLight blog is going to be focused on photography and exploration.

I’ve taken the step of disabling automatic cross-posting to from BalancedLight, at least for now. My intention is to adopt mindful cross-posting, so I will make this a manual step for posts that warrant a cross post.

I will continue cross-posting from to Twitter, and will continue to be the origin of (essentially) all of my posting to Twitter.

I am not planning to give on Twitter – yet. But I will post here on, and consume content and reply over there. I’d like to see that phase out as more and more adopters move over to

That’s where my thinking is for now. I am sure it will continue to evolve.

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