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Colin Walker’s required reading rocks.

The resurgence of blogging has been an interesting journey in recent times, with the #Indieweb movement and many of the early adopters of being part of that resurgence.

I’ve been enjoying the writings and casts of @colinwalker, and have come to enjoy his explorations of this, and his journeys in setting up his blogging infrastructure to suit his style and needs.

Colin has today posted his initial RequiredReading page to orient his users to the top 10 posts (and casts) that reflect his blogging philosophy, and the evolution of his blog from 2003 to the present.

For example, Colin posts the following:

I struggle with the conflict between writing something new and building on existing ideas but shouldn’t; a blog is just as much a process, an evolution of thought, as an act of creation.

He’s right – he shouldn’t worry about that. IMHO a blog represents an evolution of thought, and a realisation that building upon existing ideas is a wonderful journey, as much as having new ones.

Colin has challenged me to think about the purpose of my blog, and I will likely take a look at developing a required reading page of my own at some point to reflect the top 10 posts I want people to orient themselves to in order to get a flavour of my blog.

Have a read – not only are the posts important for understanding him, they’re all great reading in their own right.

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