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Elia Locardi releases Vol 3 of his Photographing the World tutorials

I am a fan of the work of travel photographer Elia Locardi, particularly the tutorial series he has developed in conjunction with FStoppers.

Volumes 1 & 2 came out a couple of years ago and focused on landscape, cityscape and astral photography. Each volume provided a series of tutorials that took you from the field to the post-processing, with Elia taking the viewer through every step of his workflow.

This year Elia and Fstoppers have again teamed up to create volume 3 of the series. This time Elia and the guys travel to the Amalfi Coast and other locations in Italy, Dubai and New York City where he goes into even greater depth as to how he chooses a photographic location, and his end-to-end process for creating his final images.

Elia has a passion for travel photography, and clearly loves to share his approach, mindset and techniques. And he does it well.

This video gives an overview of Volume 3 of Photographing the World.…

In addition to the video tutorials, the guys have produced a series of Behind the Scenes videos, which are also extremely beneficial in showing the planning and preparation of each shoot, as well as telling the backstory of the production. I find these almost as beneficial as the actual tutorials.

I really only have one gripe with this series - I am currently working away from my home location and have travelled with only an iPad Pro. The way the downloads were setup they can’t be directly downloaded to the iPad, with each video wrapped up into a zip file that included RAW and processed images associated with each tutorial. A simpler download process would be really useful for iPad users.

I love the content, and have found that the customer service from Fstoppers is awesome. While the videos are pricey, they are worth it if you are serious about improving your photography. Suggest serious and aspiring photographers alike take a look.

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