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iOS Shelf Apps

One of the great things about iOS 11 is the multitasking capability, and with it the emergence of so-called ‘shelf’ apps. I’ve been a user of Yoink on macOS for years, and have been looking forward to its arrival.

Yoink has arrived on the App Store, and it has quickly proven to be a simple and powerful shelf app. It provides much of what I expect having been a user on macOS for a long time – a simple interface in which I can drag and drop various items. This video gives a good overview of some of Yoink (for iOS)’ capabilities.…

While I was waiting for Yoink’s release, I stumbled across Gladys, another simple but powerful shelf app. This one has been being rapidly iterated with updates, including the ability to zip single files or groups of files stored on the shelf. Nice.

Copied is another cool app. Not strictly a shelf app, but a poweful clipboard manager that I use heavily in my writing.

These apps are cool parts of my reading, researching and writing workflows, and are a big part of showing just how cool the iPad Primary lifestyle is progressing…

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