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Saddened to Hear of the Death of Vic Davies

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Vic Davies, former co-host of the long running (and very funny) radio show Club Veg. I was a fan of Club Veg, and enjoyed the antics of Vic and Mal Lees, up until the show was axed by Triple M in 2002. For me, the axing of the Veggies was a turning of the tide, where I morphed from being a solid fan of "the M's", to a point now where I rarely listen to any radio at all.

Club Veg had a uniqely Australian humour, but had a fundamental respect for their audience. Their conversational style and the ability for them talk with (and not just to) people was something cool. And they were bloody funny too! Who could ever forget parody songs like "Minno - there's no T in Minno" and "the Wanking song".

RIP Vic. I still smile thinking of your antics!

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