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Sharing is not always caring

A great post by @manton - No applause for retweets. I particularly identify with this:

The problem with these “just click a button instead of sending an actual reply” features is that they fool us into thinking we’ve done something meaningful by clicking. Anyone can click a Twitter heart button to show that they’ve noticed a tweet or enjoyed it. It takes very little effort and doesn’t mean much.

Back in June 2017 I wrote a post On Likes, Faves and Sharing, in which I said something similar:

The mindless liking of ‘stuff’ has the potential of a dumbing down thinking. By liking and faving we may well only be providing mindless positive reinforcement, and avoiding critiquing stuff.

I try to appreciate posts and images that work for me by replying or commenting, rather than just liking or faving.

The creator of the work has put a lot into creating that content. The least I can do is to take a few minutes to tell them why I like it.

Sharing and retweeting is a poor substitute for giving real feedback, providing a meaningful critique of someone’s work.

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