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The Flickr Acquisition

I am intrigued by the news today that SmugMug has acquired Flickr.

I have been a Flickr user since well before they were acquired by Yahoo!, a company that almost ruined Flickr in a similar way that they ruined other promising startups they acquired1.

Yahoo! dragged the Flickr community through a seemingly endless series of changes to business model, several major data leakages and a general lack of comitment that left the once vibrant community floundering.

I have kept posting my images up to Flickr, but had shifted my main effort to 500px – even shifting my Gallery there.

But 500px has been going through its own woes, and the recent purchase by a Chinese stock photo company is making me consider moving my Gallery somewhere else. At least I own my own domain and my data is my own.

In the interim I have also been playing around with as a photo sharing service.

The acquisition by SmugMug can only be a good thing for what remains of the Flickr community. I really hope the SmugMug is able to reinject life into the once great platform.

The timing is brilliant – 500px’s steps have left many users to move away (or consider the prospect), and many are questioning the long term viability of that platform.

For me, I’ll be photo sharing on Flickr and, and see where that takes me.

  1. would be one of the best examples of that, IMHO. [return]
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