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Thoughts on's assimilation of long form writing

I really like that @manton has further expanded the functionality of to incorporate some support for longer form blogging, but with a twist.

The fact that the field for a title only comes up when you exceed the 280 character limit has two wonderful, and tightly correlated, benefits.

  1. The focus remains on short form, micro blog style posts. This is, of course,’s sweet spot. In many respects the app and the service continue to encourage brevity.
  2. When writing longer form posts, the app encourages, actually forces, you to start with the content and worry about the title later.

This second point is interesting to me, because I have to admit that when focusing on a title I often get a mental blank. I have previously found that starting with the body of a post puts the focus on the writing and less about the headline.

For this post, my first long form post on, I have up to this point given zero thought to what the title of the post will be.

The past years of blogging, the dark years perhaps, have too often been characterised by SEO centric headlines and all-too-often poor content.

Hopefully will encourage us to choose and use our words wisely, being brief when we can and writing longer form posts when it suits the message.

I can now see a day when I will merge my blogs into a single platform, and it may well be on It might stay on Wordpress or, but with the app being a key posting tool.

I asked Manton today whether categories and tags might one day be supported in, stating that I am not sure how I would feel about that. Manton replied that he wasn’t sure either. Other users, such as @pratik, have posted a no vote.

What this all means is that is moving towards being a full on blogging platform, built around a core of micro blogging. Its charm may well be its simplicity, and keeping a balance of features that appeal will be a challenge for @manton and the community.

Exciting times as micro blogging embraces long form writing, in its own unique way.

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