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Trying FeedBin again

When Google Reader first shut down I experimented with several of the nascent feed reader platforms, shortlisting to Feed Wrangler and FeedBin. Ultimately it was close, but I chose Feed Wrangler.

I’ve been a happy user of that platform, but lately I’ve been giving FeedBin a try again – partly out of curiosity, and partly because of the upcoming Evergreen app, which will support FeedBin for feed synching from version 1.

I almost exclusively use feed reader apps to consume my RSS feeds, and then almost exclusively Reeder on macOS, iPad and iPhone. So I was firstly really impressed with how far the web interface for Feedbin has come. By contrast, Feed Wrangler’s hasn’t evolved much over the years.

Synching through Reeder is every bit as smooth in FeedBin, with the added advantage of more elegant handling of title-less posts (such as many posts.

I will continue to play around, but have to say I am very impressed with FeedBin.

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