Gave this Wordle thing a go. First go, so took a turn or two to figure out how to play…

Wordle 208 5/6


The first ep of Star Trek: Discovery season 4 had some wonderful explorations of applied leadership.

A great ep.

Happy that Paramount+ was able to speed up the international launch…

Got the new version of Lightroom on iPad. The masking is awesome! Funnily enough, available many hours (and counting) before Lr Classic and Lr Cloud on the Mac or PC.

I hear quite a few people commenting on the notch on the new MacBook Pro.

The way I look at it is that it provides extra space either side to get the menu bar off the main part of my screen, freeing up screen real estate for the core work.

Charlotte’s Pass is a ski resort in the winter season & a starting point for several hikes the rest of the year.

On this day we completed the hike to the Blue Lake finding this beautiful snow gum near the path’s end.…

Something Old Something New…

A sunrise image captured from Mt Ainslie of Australia’s Old and New Parliament Houses in Canberra.…

Number 75.

Plasma donation @lifebloodau. Giving for @australian_navy in the 2021 Blood Challenge

Located on the spectacular southern coastline of the peninsula, the hamlet of Arnarstapi, the Gatklettur Rock Arch is a very photogenic structure that is suited to photography throughout the day.

Gatklettur Rock Arch

Two years ago today we had a wonderful private photo tour to Iceland’s highlands, and in particular the Landmannalaugar area, where we did a hike up Blahnukur. This was very much a highlight of our two week Iceland adventure.

Hiking Blahnukur on

Instagram may not be a photo-sharing app anymore, but Glass is - TechCrunch

From the moment you open the Glass app, it’s clear that the emphasis is on the photography itself.

I’m enjoying Glass for the fact that it is about the photography more than it is about the photographer

I am now on Glass (@tryglass) as desparoz.

I find the appeal of Glass to be similar to Mb. Comments without likes, owning your own data, and being a customer, not the product.

Will look forward to seeing how it evolves.

AHDR: A Better Method for Capturing High Dynamic Range

A little-known technique in photography allows you to capture lots of dynamic range with better results and fewer downsides than traditional HDRs.

I outgrew HDR long ago, but see merit in this approach to bring out shadows

The Power of the Intimate Composition

Exclusion is a principle central to these intimate compositions. I’d like to make the case for why these photographs work, and why you might consider shooting this way

Thought provoking article by Alex Noriega (@noriegaphoto) on NPN

An interesting list of items a landscaspe photographer should consider having in their regular carry…

13 Landscape Photography Gear Essentials - ShutterMuse

Pretty much agree with everything in this post by Dan Carr.

I had never heard of a moonbow before I saw this intriguing image on Flickr…

Be interested to know if anyone else has encountered one.

One of the most iconic images in Iceland is the mountain of Kirkjufell, near the township of Grundarfjordur. I visited the site a few times over our days in the area, photographing this icon from different view points and in different light.

Kirkjufell Sunrise

Last week I went snowshoeing in the backcountry behind Thredbo in the Snowy Mountains. It was a great experience.…

Kingston Sunset

Following on from my SOOC iPhone photo from Wednesday, here is one of the images from the dramatic Canberra sunset at Kingston Foreshore.…

A meta photo of this evening’s photography session. This is SOOC from the iPhone. I will be posting an image from my Fuji X-T3 in the coming days…

This song is THE definition of timeless music

First time reaction to John Farnham’s You’re the Voice

The National Parks Service of NSW (Australia) has a great mnemonic reminding us to think before we set out on a hike

  • Take enough stuff (water, food, equipment, etc)
  • Register your hike in advance
  • Emergency personal locator beacon
  • Keep to your planned route

Older than Kosciuszko

A view of Mount Kosciuszko, Australia’s highest mountain, from Charlotte Pass.…

An interesting overview of some alternative secure messaging apps to WhatsApp

Best WhatsApp alternatives that respect your privacy

Above and Below the Clouds

Nowhere in New Zealand is the nickname of the land of the long white cloud more apt that around Lake Wakatipu.

Love this quote from Andy Hutchinson, which accords with my own views on switching to the Fuji X-T3

My X-T4 looks far more like Canon’s original SLR from 1934, than it does my 7D Mark II and the irony of this is not lost on me. It looks like a camera that has been painstakingly engineered to great precision, not tested in wind tunnels for an aerodynamic profile and focus-grouped into oblivion.